Tuesday, August 30, 2005

another day of play

I had a nice weekend. It was my parents 35th wedding anniversary so we all went and barbqued at the lake. My grandma and Uncles came up from Southern Oregon and we all got together with the local family members including my sisters and adoptive sister, had good food played in the water pulled the kids behind the boat. All kinds of fun. Except the broken toe I have now. Dammit anyway...no day can be perfect can it?

Now it's back to the workweek and I am still adjusting to these early hours and this chick is just plain ol' tuckered out. So G'night. Cheesy as it sounds I am going to go watch rock star now.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

mid transition

ok so I had a busier day than I expected but I did get some work done on the template. Tomarrow I will be out at the lake most of the day helping to celebrate mom and dads wedding anniversary, so we will see what I can do to fix up the template gliches tomarrow.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Did it quiet around here or what????

Hi all. What a couple of weeks it has been for me. Though the ultimate outcome of all the ruckus is a softer and saner world for me. First of all the store is a place of the past for me. No longer working there. That has made my bout of exhaustion a thing of the past as well. I have a nice new 8-5'er that is much closer to home so the commute is another bit of history. But I tried to do both at once which accounts for my lack of posting here. No time. But I have found time again and I will be back tomarrow with a complete update and a new template that allows everyone to read. Till then.....

Friday, August 12, 2005

Lets recap

It has been a real interesting couple of weeks here in my world. But we'll get to all that in a minute. Today was my day off. It was also payday so I still had to drive to Eugene to get my check because (suprise suprise) my direct deposit still hasn't gone through. So I went to do that and to do a little shopping. Somehow between getting in the car and getting out of the car I screwed up my back. I ended up hobbling around all day like alittle ol' lady. I am trying to stretch whatever kink it is out but I am not seeming to be successful. Sympathy pains for Storm perhaps? Dunno but if I feel like this tomarrow I am going to be worthless at the store.

Tomarrow is going to be the last day of my last full week there. It's going to be an interesting transition. 8-5 at the property management Monday through Friday and Part time nights and weekends at the store. I will probably be a zombie most of the time but I am determined to give it a go. I owe the store that much, they have been good to me there and being a Front End Supervisor there is enjoyable to a different degree than my previous position. I need for this to work out, money is a big issue right now and there is never enough of it. But when is there? Now to go see what's up with all of you.

Monday, August 08, 2005

What's Goin On?

Well I have had a lot going on lately that has kept me away from here. First off; Work:
After all that time and effort towards moving up the ladder, going full time and getting the position I wanted, I am having to cut my hours drastically. This is so I can be available M-F 8-5 for something else. Not bad, just different. Though I love working at the store I am sure that ultimately this will work out very well and it makes me financially much more comfortable. More detail on that later.

Next; Play:
Had a family reunion this weekend and was actually able to get out of work to go. We went to Lamola lake, which is near Crater Lake and camped right on the water. Enjoyed playing on all the toys (boats, jetski's, etc.) Was an all you can eat buffet for a million mosquitos ( I just know I am gonna get West Nile or something) and got a rightious sunburn. Talked with family that I have not talked with in years. Got drunk and went out to the water to swim, only got my pants off before I realized that it was a little too cold to go. Almost got in a fight with someschmucks who rowed all the way accross the lake because they thought that we were Ho's with pot, they were mistaken. Uh watched my cousin pee her pants, and managed to get through the trip with only two injuries to people, a sprained wrist from knee-boarding and a sprained ankle from my cousin stepping in a hole. I think that just about covers it all.