Thursday, October 14, 2004

55 things about me (other 46 to come)

1. I am in a torrid romance triangle including words, keyboard, and myself.
2. When I am nervous I ramble on and on and on and on.
3. When I am not so nervous, if I like the subject I ramble on and on and on.
4. I am a Pisces and the description of a Pisces suits me well. Pisces Profile
5. Once I start playing on Pogo I can't stop until forced to do so.
6. I am desperate to get another tattoo.
7. I absolutely cannot sleep without my sobakowa wheat husk pillows.
8. I am 25 years old going on 16.
9. I won't leave the house without lipstick
10. Once I caught a wild raccoon in my backyard, he didn't like the box.
11. I still like to go outside and play in the rain.
12. Once I tried to outrun a cop. Only I didn't know it was a cop at the time.
13. It kills me to see a closed window. (even in the dead of winter)
14. If I could never wear shoes again, I would happily.
15. I like to do quizzes that tell me exactly how imbecilic I am.
16. I love the smell of burnt matches.
17. I have spent over three hours in the bath because I didn't want to stop reading until I finished the book.
18. I will get out of bed in the middle of the night to watch a thunder and lightning storm.
19. I can't sleep without my cat.
20. I talk to my mommy EVERY day regardless of where we are.
21. I have never left the West Coast (Ore. Wash. & Calif.)
22. I am not really sure what my natural hair color is anymore.
23. I could blow an entire paycheck at Borders.
24. I have big feet. :( that makes me sad, cuz I can't get cool shoes.
25. I read every night before I go to bed.
26. I have 2 addictions, one is caffeine.
27. I have a sad appreciation for B grade horror movies.
28. I carry a book, notepad, digital camera, and spare batteries everywhere I go.
29. I am learning how to play my guitar.
30. I am blind as a bat without my glasses or contacts.
31. I eat ice compulsively.
32. I pierced my own ears, by shoving the earrings through my earlobes.
33. I don't get hangovers, which irritates a lot of people when they do.
34. I rarely go to bed before 1 am.
35. My other addiction is music. I buy music on whims without even knowing if I like the artist.
36. I worship my laptop.
37. I have lived in the same town since I was in second grade.
38. I can count my true friends on one hand.
39. 5 people in this world know all there is to know about me, and I am not one of them.
40. I was the captain of my high school volleyball and basketball teams.
41. I kick ass at badmitton.
42. I can draw faces, horses and midievil gowns, but nothing else.
43. I make beaded jewelry.
44. I drive a stick.
45. I am obsessed with Scotland
46. My favorite movie ever is Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. I am such a sap.
47. I go through a good 10 blank CD's a week, burning music for everyone.
48. I collect Journals.
49. I read Tarot Cards.
50. I am a Law & Order Buff.
51. I have two older sisters. I am the baby.
52. I am lost without my family.
53. I like to drive with the music all the way up.
54. My favorite song is Deliver Me by Sarah Brightman
55. My Favorite book is Lioness Rampant


Anonymous said...

I was the captain of my high school volleyball team too! Didn't it hurt to pierce your own ears? Owww!


Bret said...

Wow Jen that is quite a list...Nice skin change on the blog too.

GrooveTheory said...

I love playing in the rain too. Although, I try not to act too happy when I do it since it can be quite embarrassing.

I never leave my house w/o my cellphone. I can leave without my wallet, my license, and all other more important stuff but not my cellphone.

Here's where we're different. I love shoes. My feet would be screaming for freedom and I still won't give it to them.

I read a book too every night. I'm reading Sidney Sheldon's "Are You Afraid of the Dark".

I wonder what you're other addiction is? Hmmm .. mine's cigarette's and shopping. I know, I'm hopeless :(

Jessica said...

Actually, Jenny I don't remember it hurting at all.
Thanx Bret.
Groove, glad your back, and how mean of you to torture your feet like that. ;)

Tiffanie said...

OH MY.. I just watched wild hearts can't be broken for like the 10th time. I LOVE that movie, too. The scene where she goes in the barn when it's storming makes me want to go out and play with horses. I used to do that with my horse. just ran my hands over her. VERY relaxing.
p.s. I call my mom, mommy, too and I'm 25 going on 26.

Jessica said...

I have loved that movie since it first came out. I think I can recite the whole thing!

The Shaolin said...

Hey, this is a nice list you have put up :) Good introspection, I would say!