Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yup another picture post

There is a cat in my shirt!
Her new thing is to jump onto my shoulder and then nose her way down in between my shirt and my hoody and take a nap while I type.

Thems my girls. Aren't they beeuteeful?
These four are my regular little models, they like to pose for their auntie. I love them, even though they are ornery. They come by that naturally of course. ;)

That's right Bitches! You know they're sexy, ye'r just jealous! :D I like my toe socks! They keep my tootsies warm when it is below freezing all day long like it was today! And they're PINK...Hello!

NO I did not wear them like that all day.

The Christmas lights reflected in my car window, all stretchy looking.

We're so cool! We even decorated the old fishin boat. :o)

Playing with the camera and the Christmas lights in the front yard.

It is freaking cold this way! I LOVE it!

Another co-worker quit today. I'm not sad, I think it is best for all involved. She isn't happy there and that makes other people unhappy. The bummer is that I liked her, I just didn't understand where her animosity came from . Oh well I know in my heart that I was never in the wrong so that is all I need to know.

K off to play with pics now. TA~

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