Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Anniversaries tend to reflect either a good or a bad thing. And for me the bad things are too many and the good too few. 2 days ago marked 4 years since we lost Mom. and in a couple weeks it will be 5 since we lost Jay. This time of year gets to feeling pretty brutal. But I am trying to keep the sad brushed back and the good pushed forward. The same day that marks 5 since Jay flew, marks 4 of my sobriety and cigarette free. And the next day is my birthday, and my nephews birthday. Both things I want to be able to celebrate with more smiles than tears. And in order to do that I have to dwell on all the good memories and moments that all my angels brought to my life. And those are many. I have been crushed by life in so many ways over the years, but I have also been a lucky lucky girl to have had so many perfect and blissful moments to reflect back on as well.

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