Sunday, December 25, 2005

All is calm All is that it's over

Wow since Christmas is over does that entitle me to a nap? It has been GO GO GO all December! Between work and shopping and wrapping and taking Christmas pictures and making cd's for friends to give their kids and Christmas cards and and and and seems like sleep was never really on the list.

It was a nice day though, stayed in town and went to my sisters house. Got a lot of looks at the carload of gifts I had. There was barely room left in the car for me. (took 2 trips and no they were not all from me)

Looks like everyone enjoyed their gifts from me, at least I hope so. My favorite gift opening moment is in the picture above.

I got a book of Racheal Hale's photography, two movies (Serenity & Four Brothers) and an awesome pink satin bedset from Victoria Secret. Much more than I expected.

Stuffed our faces with more food then any of our belly's were meant to hold. Took pictures of all the kids and am now ready to pop a dvd in and crash. complaints here. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

May your holiday be filled with the kind of wonder graced upon children.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yup another picture post

There is a cat in my shirt!
Her new thing is to jump onto my shoulder and then nose her way down in between my shirt and my hoody and take a nap while I type.

Thems my girls. Aren't they beeuteeful?
These four are my regular little models, they like to pose for their auntie. I love them, even though they are ornery. They come by that naturally of course. ;)

That's right Bitches! You know they're sexy, ye'r just jealous! :D I like my toe socks! They keep my tootsies warm when it is below freezing all day long like it was today! And they're PINK...Hello!

NO I did not wear them like that all day.

The Christmas lights reflected in my car window, all stretchy looking.

We're so cool! We even decorated the old fishin boat. :o)

Playing with the camera and the Christmas lights in the front yard.

It is freaking cold this way! I LOVE it!

Another co-worker quit today. I'm not sad, I think it is best for all involved. She isn't happy there and that makes other people unhappy. The bummer is that I liked her, I just didn't understand where her animosity came from . Oh well I know in my heart that I was never in the wrong so that is all I need to know.

K off to play with pics now. TA~

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

you didn't wipe your what....

Ok so a guy came up to me while I was doing the office mail run. Just some random guy. Never saw him before, probably won't ever again. Guy just walks up to me and says,

"Dude, you know that feeling when you haven't wiped well enough? Yeah, that's
what I got."

WTF! First of all no I DON'T know that feeling, secondly hella overshare, thirdly I am a complete stranger, step away from the crackpipe!

I swear people say the strangest things to me. I must have one of those faces, one of those hey this chick really needs to know about the funk going on on my stanky ass face. ???

Ok um yeah so how was your day?

Monday, December 05, 2005

A few pictures and stuff

Some Random shots from the past couple weeks:

Does this make me a bad pet parent? She looks soooo cute in her little jean jacket with the pink fur!
This definitely doesn't make me a bad pet owner, I am getting her into the Christmas Spirit, with a nice warm sweater and Santa hat.

My co-workers daughter brought her this cute little chocolate snowman that she had made in home ec. Anyway, the arm fell off and we being the pervs that we are though that relocating the appendage was funny. Thus the birth of Happy the Snowman!

Snowball excited to play. We were shooting photos for her flyer and she just wanted to run around. She is one hell of a cute pony. But she really does not like for you to put bows in her mane. Cruiser thinks I taste good. I don't think I would let him bite me so readily once he is all grown up but while he is still a little guy I will humor him.

Well I guess that is all for now blogger isn't letting me put anymore on right now.

Trying to get into the Christmas Spirit. Decorating and listening to all the jingles. LOVING the cold weather even though I have a scratchy throat. In the morning when Sissy and I are driving the backway to work you can't hardly see ten feet in front of us because of the fog that has made the Willamette valley its new home. They keep promising us snow but they are fibbers. :( I can't wait for the snow. I am just like a little kid when it comes to snow.

I have done a little of my Christmas shopping and even got a pretty good plan in place to get Christmas cards out this weekend. It just seems like it is all going too fast. Our house is like a big black hole in the neighborhood because everyone else has already decorated and we just have not had the time. And Jeez it is only the 5th, usually they don't all have their lights up by now. We have drug the 10 or so great big plastic totes out of the attic but have yet to crack them open and start swathing the house in Christmasy sparkle, maybe this weekend.

Anyway there was a mini update. More pics tomorrow. Till then find some mistletoe and git yerself some lovin!