Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I borrowed my mom's camera to show you my cars big owie. I am getting it fixed by my (ex) brother in law this weekend. Woo Hoo!

Monday, March 28, 2005

my poor car

My car got crunched last night. My brother in law accidentally backed into it with his pick-up. It got MUNCHED! I will post a picture as soon as I get my camera fixed, unless I get the car fixed first. Hopefully I will get the car fixed first. I like it better when it looks pretty.

Spent the rest of the night playing Texas Hold 'em. Got my butt kicked a little, then kicked a little of my own, which in my opinion is the only way to play the game, losing big and winning big.

Right now I need to skidaddle, I have company this week and will only be able to post in short bursts, so as not to be rude. Love Ya'll! (Yeah I just typed that with a bit o' Southern twang, I love me some drawling accents!)

Friday, March 25, 2005

Where is the pause button?

It's been a GO GO GO kinda week.

Tonight I am working late and tomarrow I am working early, which means I miss most of the Easter get together at my sisters house. We celebrate on Saturday so the people who have to travel can head out early on Sunday. So I am a little bummed, but after 6 on Saturday I don't have to work until Tuesday morning so I have a little bit of play time. I think I deserve that a LOT right now.

I am expecting my Gramma anytime so I can't do a long post but I do have time for two things, one is FF below and the other is a shout out to Storm Rider and his new blog which you can find in my blogroll. It is quite informative...or do I mean graphic? either way check him out if you ain't a prude. wink wink.

And now it's Friday Feast time!

Appetizer - What is the worst movie you've ever seen?
SpiceWorld! I was hijacked by my sister and made to go see it. I am still trying to recover!

Soup - Name something that reminds you of your childhood.
Watermelons and Slip & Slides. The campfire smell and bannanaseat bikes. She-ra, and Voltron. Who am I kidden everything from the 80's sparks nostalgia for me!

Salad - If you had to live in a large city, which one would you want it to be?
I wouldn't want too at all, but if I had to I would say someplace on the West Coast so I could be near my family.

Main Course - What's a "big word" you like to use to impress people?
Uhhhh.....is HOLY SHPINOLI impressive?

Dessert - Describe your hairstyle.
Dark Brown, natural red highlights, 2 inches past the shoulders, layered with bangs. Naturally wavey/curly.

Ta fer now kiddies!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Is it bedtime yet?

This Photo just makes me feel better, the sun insisted on making her presence felt.

I am wiped out. I got called in to cover an extra shift today in a new and very foreign department and literal sat down for a total of 12 minutes over a 6 1/2 hour timeframe, the rest of the time it was on my feet on cement floors and my legs are feeling it now. My feet are still sore and blistered but that is becoming something I am used too. I suppose the feet problem is that I am just not used to wearing shoes. I run around barefoot everywhere and slip on sandals when I have to go somewhere that barefoot is not OK. Now I have to wear shoes all day and my feet are rebelling. Ah well the sacrifices we make for a paycheck. I'll get over it soon enough though I think there is still some whining left in me, beware. For now I am wiped out and just want to curl up with my kitty and listen to the rain.

Monday, March 21, 2005

I need a Sugar-Daddy

I want somebody to take care of my every need.

What's wrong with that?

That person does not exist.

That doesn't stop anyone from looking for that elusive being. It just makes the search that much more frustrating. So I have decided that I will sacrifice some of those needs and settle for the guy who will meet all my monatary needs. At least then my feet wouldn't hurt, cuz he would buy me some really comfy shoes to work in.


Well duh!

I can be shallow sometimes. When I can't hold my breath long enough to be deep...

...cuz my feet hurt!

A little levity aside, I really do think it would be awful handy to have a rich guy at my side. Problem there is that most of the really good guys out there who have moolah, are already spoken for, and I have never been accused of being a Jezabel. So I will hafta live with my achey feet. Good thing that bubblebath and hot water are cheap, huh?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Blah Blah Blah and U.M.

Whatta day whatta day. I got up early and went out for breakfast with my parents. Then my mom and I drove my sister up to work, she is a beautician in Eugene, because her Suburban was broke down. Insted of just dropping her off and coming back to get her we decided to stay up there until she got off work. So we went to see a movie. I wanted to see the Ring two but since she was footin the bill I saw Ice Princess. It was a cute movie I suppose just not my bag ( I am a bit more of a horror movie buff).

After the movie we went back to the Salon and had lunch with my sister and spent the rest of the evening getting hair cut, and colored, and nails done. And then we came home and here I am, with a sore butt from sitting all day. Now I am going to go take a hot bubble bath and enjoy my book, because I am still to sore to do anything more exciting. But here is a bit of word play for you to tide you over....

Unconcious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?
Stink::........ Litterbox
Renewal:: .........Spring
I remember...:: .........everything except my childhood before 8 yrs.
Loneliness:: ........Everyday
Ooooh:: ..........Ahhhhhhh
For real:: .........your shittin me!
Titanium:: ....hard
Get down:: .........on your knees
Rupture:: ........break
Dramatic:: .........Mi Familia

Friday, March 18, 2005


I am having a content day. I woke up late, took a long HOT shower, stepped on the scales and got a pleasant surprise, am having a really good hair day, and still have 3 hours before I have to be at work. And to make it all perfect it is raining out. I love the rain, I am such an Oregonian. Well apparently I am off to take a picture for Stormrider, and get dressed for work. (yes I plan to take 3 hours to get ready!) Tata till tomoarrow.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My feet hurt

On my way to work this morning I was rocking out to the mix CD I mentioned before. One of my favorite songs was playing (Gasoline by Jann Arden) so I was singing along at the top of my lungs, completely uncaring that everyone I passed looked at me like I was challanged or something. Good songs do that to me, I have to sing along. So I am passing a trucker and happen to look over and he is waving at me and mouthing the words "nice lips" then holds up a piece of paper with a phone number on it. EEEWWWW! Yucky. I floored it and got as far away from him as I could. Just what I need is a random and pretty grungy looking trucker to point out my big ol' fatty lips! I was rather happy to get to work.

I got new shoes for work and I think I need to get some inserts so I can be "gellin like Majellin" and my poor little feet won't hurt every night. That is the one thing that sucks about working in a Department Store, there is no sitting down on the job, My
Sissy tried to tell me but I didn't listen.

I have an evening of talking in code ahead of me while I re-do Sissy's layout. I think I might do mine too, I am not really diggin the green, but I am doing her's first so maybe it will grow on me, before I get to it.

So as Slater said in
Dazed and Confused Check ya later!

Monday, March 14, 2005

I'm off to see the wizard...

Well I am getting ready to go in to work. It seems weird that they want me to come in at 8 pm to sign the papers, but I think that has to do with my boss's schedule. The only part I am not to awful keen on is driving at night. I need new contacts and don't do too well driving in the dark. It is the oncoming lights that screw me up so if I take the back way I am good.

So the hairs all curled, dressed in the pretty and springy new outfit, all the sparkly baubles on the ears, wrist, neck and ankle, make-up perfectly applied, and an ass kicken new mix CD to listen to enroute, and I am set to go. Fill ya'll in tomarrow on how it goes....sweet dreams kiddies.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

BBQ & Friday Feast *UPDATED*

Welp, I had my second interview and I will know by Monday if I got the job. I think it went well but I don't dare speculate and jinx it. So we will see. And you all will know right after I do if I get that call. The damn interview lasted about an hour and a half, an hour of which was just listening to the manager rattle off information that the other manager already rattled off the day before. Oh well I shook my head and smiled like a good girl and was thrilled when I finally escaped back into the sunshine.

Later we had a bar-b-que at the house and had over my sisters, my cousin and his family, my ex brother in law and all of my nieces and nephews, my uncle and our adopted sister. This translates to a bakers dozen of screaming kids and about the same amount of half drunk to drunk adults who are acting like a bunch of screaming kids. My ears are sore today. The above picture is from the fire we were all hanging out around when a big ol ball (the news said possibly metoer) went streaking across the sky . It was apparently huge (I wouldn't know because I was inside at the time) with a long green tail trailing behind it. They covered it on the news but I still haven't seen any footage of it yet.

Okay so it's feast time lads and lasses, even though I am a couple days late:

Appetizer - Where do you go when you want to relax?

The foot of my bed is a big relaxation spot, to just kick back and cuddle the feline and watch a movie in front of the window. I also am a bathtub girl, Bubble baths that last 2 hours with a good book are high on my list of soothing things to do.

Soup - Tell about something that made you laugh this week.

Last night I laughed my ass off, reminicsing with my sisters and friends, we are good at making fun of all the ridiculous crap we did in our younger days.

Salad - What is your favorite texture?

Cool satin is like heaven against skin.

Main Course - If you were to publish your autobiography, what would the first sentence be?

They only thought I was an angel, and I AIN'T sorry 'bout a damn thing!

Dessert - Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? If so, how?

Hello, it is an excuse to pinch bootay's are you kidden?

***At 6:32 PM I found out that I got the job! YAY!***

Friday, March 11, 2005

Things appear to have gone well...knock on wood!

So I had my interview. It went well. Well enough that they asked me to go to a second interview tomorrow afternoon. Note AFTERNOON. Yay, I am so not a morning person. The job is an evening job, which again I am supa groovay with, I hate getting up early. I had to take a personality test, which essentially is the applicant assuring the company that they are not a pot head and that they don't steal. And since I am a sweet and innocent little angel I was able to assure them immidiately. It does start out part time but they only hire part time and give full time from within, so there is really no helping that. Another plus is the 20 % employee discount! Hello! Discounts make me happy. Plus it is right close to were my Mom, my sister, and my best friend work, so we can meet up and car pool as necessary.

After my interview I went to lunch with my mom and then went SHOPPING! My wonderfull mommy bought me 2 pair of jeans the FIT, and don't make my butt look droopy because they are too big, and two gauzy shirts, in butter yellow and deep pink, that let the wind in if you know what I mean. I love my mommy! I am rather spoiled.

Now to get ready to go out to pizza! Be good kiddies and don't have too much fun on this balmy Friday night. I'll fill you in on the second interview tomorrow.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Uppers and Downers

It has been an up and down kind of day. First I found out I didn't get my application in in time for one of the jobs I wanted, though they will have another recruitment round in a month. Then I get a call about an interview with one of the jobs I wanted so desperately about a month ago, apparently they are finally hiring. Woo Hoo there!

So Tomarrow I have to drag my lazy butt outta bed before noon and get to up to Eugene for my meeting. Then I try on a skirt that I was sure I wouldn't get into and it fits like a glove. Nice little up there, since it is a really great skirt. Downside? Well that would be that all my nice blouses that would go with the great skirt, are now way too big. I will be glad to get this damn job so I can go shopping for some new clothes.

And then there are some fun comments and those make my day. A little fun in a less then entertaining little city that seems to be even more boring then usual. So I suppose I will get back to my rollercoaster, I am expecting a downturn anytime, but counting on the upturn to follow it shortly.

Now here is one of my favorite peices I have ever written. Not because it has perfect form or meter, because it has niether. But because it came from someplace I rarely am able to tap into.

You make me feel like a bubble of hope exploding at your touch. You fill me up with your whispered affection, just to break me with your callus actions. Ask me now, why I am who I am. No, you did not create me you infected me with your poison. You took my hand and walked me one by one through the steaming pools of your rage, sending ripples of calm across your forked tongue. So ask me again how this disjointed soul learned how to dance without having ever heard the sweet music of happiness. Fear has a melody all it's own. Your fear leaked out and quickly seeped into my greedy veins. You held me at the wrong time, and sheltered me from the rain while I was dying of thirst. Then once again you fill me up with faith, and when I find it false I burst.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

So what's your secret?

Good question. I have had several inquiries lately about how I am losing the weight (77 since August and 37 since January) At first I solely attributed it to the supplement I am taking. But I went off of it for a couple weeks and continued to lose, albeit at a slower pace. Though I know the supplement helps I think the fact that I am just READY to lose weight is the biggest reason I am becoming successful at it. My habits haven't changed at all, though I haven't wanted to eat as much I haven't really been exercising and to top it all off I still drink a ton of soda which we all know is laden with sugar.

I think that the real key to it is that I quit giving a rats ass about what everyone else thought and freed my mind from the hang ups associated with caring about other people's opinions. It feels good!,

On a side note My hair is growing like crazy. It is past the middle of my back and has grown about 4 inches in the past 2 months, YAY! And I recently died it dark again, almost black. That part is taking some getting used to after being a red head for more years than I can remember. Things they are a changin! Cue the David Bowie music...ch ch changes!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Burnt Things & Thanks

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes.

I used to live in this house with my sister and our cousin. It is the place I lived when a lot of things in my life turned to crap. Now it has burnt down and is being demolished. I don't know if it will be rebuilt or not but I am happy to see it go. There was too much nastiness associated with that house. Seyonara!

Been busy looking for work. This unemployed thing is bogus, it sucks, I drive myself goofy with nothin to do! I am starved for something productive to do. I take pictures and play on the computer and read and write and I can't bring myself to do much more. Blech! Life has to hand me a damn job soon, or I'll end up in a padded room!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

My Birthday In Pictures

So today I turned 26. I am officially beginning my second quarter century. I feel like an ol' woman! Everyone has been feeling icky so no celebrating, maybe later, I don't know. Anyway here are some of the pictures from my day.

Clockwise from the upper left hand corner: 1. My Birthday present 10 years ago: My Nephew Kevin. 2. My two nieces watching everyone from the pickup (Ky is in the backseat, behind the window, and B is in the front seat) This is at my sisters house. 3. We cruised Cottage Grove Lake and I took a shot of how low the water still is. 4. The other Birthday girl, Mrs. Kitty, my cat silhouetted by the window. 5. Another cruising shot of the old City Hall Building which is now a RC car track inside. 6. The covered bridge on the way home. 7. B given her big sister a cow-lick. yech! Click on the picture for a larger view.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Picture Meme

OK Stormrider here are your requests in order that you requested them in the picture meme:
"One of your cleveage is a must! A picture of a place you would love to be layed down in and have a tongue devour you. Last but not least, a photo of a serene location in or around your home town that is a place you can sit and lose your thoughts."
Yeah I know boring bed but it is awful comfy!

Sorry it took so long butI didn't notice the comment until last night.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Friday Feast and then some er...vice versa

Well I tinkered, how does it look? I am still considering scraping the skeleton and starting a whole new code. I suppose a little familiarity is better for me than all new. I am a mite unthrilled with change I guess.

Well I didn't get the job. I am pretty bummed, I wanted it really bad. Oh well I suppose I will just have to keep trucken as they say. Back to the interview board I reckon. Bah!

OK Here is your feast...don't eat too much though, it might upset your tummy.


Appetizer - Who is the one person you email more often than anyone else?
It is a tie between my Mom and My Sissy But the Sissy emails me more I think because she is a forwarder.

Soup - So far, which year of your life has been the most enjoyable?
Another tossup. 15 because I was on my own for the first time and I really enjoyed the freedom. And 18 because it was the first time I was solid financially and in a sense ran my own business. I also got a lot of good writing done that year.

Salad - Name someone with whom you have lost touch but would like to reunite.
Already happened. A couple months ago my best friend from grade and middle school who moved away found me. She looked me up on classmates and emailed me. We still haven't reunited in person (though she has tried and I had to be out of town) I am not missing anyone else from my past.

Main Course - What was the tastiest meal you had this past week?
Ohhh thick pork chops, homemade mashed potatoes, corn and a gorgeous salad.

Dessert - Using the letters in your favorite color, write three words that describe your personality. color: turquoise. OK the only words I could get out of this were quiet, rut, quote, use, toe, roe, sue, sire, store, and sour. I don't think those describe me.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Here I am

OK so I never got out to work on my car the other day. It started to rain. I am putting strips on the front and back windows and as well as a couple of decals. Dragons and angular butterflies. Weird combo I know but weird suits me well and they really do look good together. Of course I will have to have an Oregon State Beavers sticker on there too. That should all go really well with my gecko's on the interior. When I get a job that will probably get changed out too. So I am showing you what my humble little car looks like now and I will show you an after picture later.

I am still dealing with this nasty cough, I think it is a chest cold, and starting antibiotics today. I hope they work I am sick of this crud. I don't to still be sick on my birthday, this year it falls on a Saturday and it would be nice to enjoy it! Speaking of birthday I got my first gift. A new DVD player to replace the one that died a couple months ago. I have been watching them on my computer and that is a pain because the computer has no remote. Yes I admit that while I watch movies I become a big ol'lazy ass.

I think I am gonna tinker with my layout again. I have some gorgeous skyscapes that I can use as my main picture. The hardest part will be to figure out which one I want to use. Well I am off to read blogs...tata!


Aren't they cute? The second one fell asleep in my hands. These are two of Dana's babies. I just had to share.