Wednesday, September 28, 2005

cleaned up the stink....;)

Well, as far as what happened with my previous post, well that all blew over. I was sort-of in my opinion asked to disassociate myself from a dear friend of mine to get further with my job. Well wait, not get further but get along better with other employees. Now to me that was questioning my character and integrity. I was supremely offended. Yes for my friend who is seemingly singled out by a majority of the staff (seemingly because I see how she can feel that way but I am not sure why yet they treat her like they do) but more so for me that they thought that I would even consider such a thing. And later because they tried to claim noble intentions.

How do you wrap your mind around the notion that it is an extention of friendship to ask a person to drop a long time friend to hang out with the "cool kids". It's f***ed up that people presume that because they are in the majority in a situation that they are in the right. Well sometimes there is no right. Sometimes everyone just has a different perspective, personal preferances and personalities. Sometimes people have delusions of granduer.

Anyway it all blew over and everyone is fine. I think I am respected a little bit more for the way I stood up for the two of us. I have no hard feelings towards anyone, I am just baffled by the thought process that spawned the actions.

It's been a busy few weeks. Coordinating a company wide workshop, working on 2006 budgets and 2005 year end reports...all sorts of fun. That accounts for my sporadic posting, that will change and I will get back to grazing your pages too, I have a lot to catch up on.

Monday, September 19, 2005

well something hit the fan all right and it don't smell good

But I won't be dwelling on that tonight, I am too tired to retell it all.

I spent most of the weekend out at the barn taking pictures. Got some good ones. Not as many as I would have liked since my camera took a crap on me and has decided not to work.

I am sure I will recant to you those things that made today suck later but right now my head is whirrling and I am sure non of it would make sense anyway.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

going once going twice....sold

I went to the auction yards today with my mom, sister, nieces and nephew. Had a huge lunch and spent the afternoon looking at perdyful hors-ies. Then went to the barn helped bring in the horses and feed them. I came home with a monster headache from the auctioneer's voice over the loudspeaker though.

They have been having a cat problem out at the stable. By cat I mean Couger. By problem I mean attacking the horses in the middle of the day. The bad kitties got a good kicking from two of the mares though and now they are rotating the geldings and stallions out into the pastures. Equine security I guess. But Tazz and Nugget got all scratched to hell and are jittery now when they never used to be before.

My mom and sister laughed at me because when they show me injuries on the horses I just bawl. I have a great empathy for animals and everyone teases me for it, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I have been asked why then that I would not have become a veterinarian. The answer is simple; I could never be one because I cannot handle animal suffering. I can't see the pain first hand. I am compassionate towards people too but it is far stronger when it comes to animals because there is a sense of vulnaribility in animals, especially pets who have no control over their lives.

I guess I went off in some odd direction there, sorry. Good night, I am goin to SLEEP for many many hours now.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Car Salesman

OK I have always had certain perceptions about car salesman. Many of the descriptives I would use for them are akin to slimy. Well those perceptions had changed for me to a degree at our local car lot. They have always been relatively decent with me and my family when we go down to get our vehicles. Today when I went down to talk to them about trading in my car this lady salesman was right on me and for a minute I thought she was going in for a kiss, her nose was less than an inch away from mine. New word to describe them: halitosis. I got rid of her as quickly as I could and will go back on Tuesday to see what happens with one of the nice guys who don't climb right up and park their slimy selves right on your ass.

On another note I have come to discover that I don't live up to what some people want me to be. Sucks to be them huh.

Oh and how is this template working for everyone?

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Life- So So
Time-Yeah right

Be back this weekend we are dealing with house cleaning and I am wiped out. g'night.