Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Yep Another one...but you can skip it if ya want ;)

K Got it from JaG I am sure my answers are not nearly as comical as hers though.

First best friend: I would have to say Kris was the first best friend I ever had.
First car: Pontiac Pheonix hatchback for like two weeks before I killed it. Poor thing.
First real kiss: I was in like third grade and the boy acros the street tried jamming his tongue down my throat and sticking his hand up my shirt. I remember thinking where do people get off thinking a slimey foreign object in their mouth is nice? I later found out he had a saliva problem.
First screen name: Lyric24045
First self purchased album: I think the first one I bought with my own money was "the Cranberries" but I can't be too sure.
First funeral: My Grandpa I remember being numb because I didn't believe it, plus it was my birthday and I was completely confused on how to react to recieving gifts when my Grandpa just died.
First pets: The first pets we had that I really remember were a springer spaniel named Nikki and a cocker spaniel named Chauncey Sunburst Auveco (but we called him Bonso)
First piercing/tattoo: Got my ears pierced sometime in grade school. Got my first tattoo with my mom and Sissy when I was 18. I can't wait to get another.
First credit card: Mastercard.
First true love: Words! No one else could I consider "True" only infatuation.
First enemy; Besides myself? Hmmm... I guess that would be M. But we are like sisters now. But I really hated her at first.
First big trip: Ha the farthest from Oregon I have ever been is Vancouver Washington.
First music you remember hearing in your house: Groovin by the Rascalls and a lot of the Doobie Brothers But most importantly ;) a Taste of Honey.

Last cigarette
: I guess when I was 19, I never really picked up the habit.
Last car ride: Yesterday afternoon, driving home from Blockbuster. I got two free brand new movies including "Walking Tall" The Rock is so very yummy.
Last kiss: MrsKitty just licked me does that count?
Last good cry: The other day though I honestly do not recall what prompted it it was something on TV, probably a coffee commercial, I am such a wuss.
Last library book checked out: Daily Life in Midaevil History.
Last book bought: Trickster by Tamora Pierce
Last movie seen: I think the last movie I watched was the Punisher. MMMMMMMM Thomas Jane all buff and sweaty like. ;)
Last beverage drank: Ice Water, I am still eating the ice cubes.
Last food consumed: Tuna Salad on Crackers
Last crush: Did I mention Thomas Janes nice 6 pac?
Last phone call: Just hung up with my other sister to confirm that I would be a model for her beauty school test.
Last time showered: About two hours ago, I tied up my hair after and it is still pretty wet.
Last shoes worn: sandals from the car.

Last item bought: Bread
Last annoyance: trying to clip MrsKitty's claws and she wouldn't hold still.
Last time wanting to die: I can't really recall ever wanting to.
Last time scolded: Yesterday for having all the doors and windows open.

Who are your best friends?
K, M, BB, Sissy, other Sis, Mom, all the nieces and nephews ( I am like a big little kid you see) Ahhhhhhh ML, MD, and those are all I consider the best.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? That would be a negative.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
Anywhere if I have mooolah to spend..
Any tattoos or piercings? I already answered that, Duh

Do you do drugs?
I don't really even drink, but if the occassion is right I am no prude.
What kind of shampoo do you use? Aussie right now, smells gooooood!
What are you most scared of? Being Alone for too long
What are you listening to right now? the TV in the background, the investigators on Court TV.
Where do you want to get married? Scottish Highlands
How many buddies are online right now? I dunno my messenger took a crap and died on me.
What would you change about yourself? My Will Power I guess

: blue
Food: Manicotti I am sooo craving it right now.
Boy's names: Wesley, Micheal
Girl's names: Sabrae, Rocquelyn
Subjects in school: History and English
Animals: Cats!!
Sports: Volleyball and Basketball were my sports
Perfume: Wild musk if I have to wear any.
cologne: Drakkar and Old Spice.

Given anyone a bath
? Every single one of the kids ;)
Smoked? Yes
Bungee jumped? Not yet!
Made yourself throw up? Ouch NO!
Skinny dipped? Nope I am a good sweet little angel.
Been in love? I don't think so??
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? I've done that a few times, yes.
Pictured your crush naked? Of Course!
Actually seen your crush naked? Every day!
Cried when someone died? I would be kind heartless if I didn't wouldn't I?
Lied? Who hasn't?
Fallen for your best friend? Not so Much.
Been rejected? O yeah. It was a long time ago though....
Rejected someone? I wouldn't say so.
Used someone? Probably.
Done something you regret? I don't regret because that is a waste of time. I learn and don't repeat.

: Navy shorts, black V nect Tee and white ankle socks.
Music: I am listning to Fleetwood Mac Rumours, a classic!
Make-up: Right now none
Annoyance: The person talking baby talk on the TV.
Smell: The nieghbor is burning a fire in her fireplace, smells wonderful
Favorite artist: My Dad, he is really skilled but he doesn't draw that often anymore.
Desktop picture:

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CD in player: I just said Fleetwood Mac
DVD in player: Walking Tall.
Color of toenails: Blue Chrome

: I want to be but sometimes I just don't get it.
Open-minded: Yes.
Arrogant: No.
Insecure: Sometimes, which is more than I would like.
Interesting: I guess I should ask you that huh.
Hungry: no I had lunch thanx!
Smart: In certain areas Yes in others not so much.
Moody: Always.
Hardworking: Yes unless I don't have to be.
Organized: In certain areas of my life!
Healthy: Healthier than some would guess.
Shy: moreso than some would guess when they meet me.
Attractive: Again I think I am the wrong one to ask.
Bored easily: Definately.
Responsible: Yeah.
Obsessed: With my blog, yes. (me too JaB)
Angry: Not right now.
Sad: Not right now either.
Disappointed: All the time
Happy: Yes!
Hyper: Not now.
Trusting: Yes if I am placing the trust in the right people.
Talkative: Heck Yeah.
Legal: Like I said I am a good Girl

: No one I like my freedom thanx.
Slap: Ex-Bosslady.
Get high with: If anyone? M she was the funniest.
Look like: Myself.

Coke or Pepsi
: Pepsi.
Flowers or candy: Flowers
Tall or short: Tall. Since I am near 6 ft.

In the morning I am
: Grumpy.
All I need are: 12 extra hours a day.
Love is: A many splendored thing
I dream about: getting published again.
What do you notice first: Arms.
Last person you danced with: I haven't danced in 4-eva.
Worst question to ask: Will you get that off the top shelf for me?
Who makes you laugh the most: I laugh at everything I am a dork
Who makes you smile: ever-thing.
Wish you were younger: All the time.

Times I have had my heart broken:
Every day I think.
Of hearts I have broken:None that I am aware of besides my own

Holy Crap that took forever!!!

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