Monday, May 30, 2005

storms are good

So I did the template, I think this one will be easier for everyone to use. A lot less scrolling. Yeah I shifted from purple to pink, but I am going through some pink phase right now, so ya'll will just have to get used to things looking like they have been coated in pepto! Ok so maybe it isn't quite that color of pink but it's pink non the less. So what's my grade?

We have had some awesome weather here in the Pacific Northwest lately. Saturday morning I got to wake to the sounds of a gorgeous storm rolling through the sky. Thunder rumbled and drew me out of bed at dawn to watch the show. Well that and the fact that the cat was tangled up in my hair trying to escape the sounds. It lasted all day, shaking the building at work too. There was a pretty nice lightning show at Valley River Center across the street from where I work. Everyone just stood out in the parking lot watching while the wind whipped and made hair and clothes swirl around them. I wish I had been able to grab my camera and snap off a shot or two.

Speaking of pictures I snapped these two off late last night when I got home from work. It was in the dark so the focus is off and they aren't centered but I like 'em anyway:

Image hosted by
I like how the colors seem more vibrant with the dark sky.

Image hosted by

This one was knocked down by the rain and seemed to bending over gracefully to kiss the sidewalk.

Ok folks I have tomorrow off so I will do a better update then, for now I am off to finish my laundry so I don't have to do it tomorrow. Kisses!

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