Saturday, September 10, 2005

Car Salesman

OK I have always had certain perceptions about car salesman. Many of the descriptives I would use for them are akin to slimy. Well those perceptions had changed for me to a degree at our local car lot. They have always been relatively decent with me and my family when we go down to get our vehicles. Today when I went down to talk to them about trading in my car this lady salesman was right on me and for a minute I thought she was going in for a kiss, her nose was less than an inch away from mine. New word to describe them: halitosis. I got rid of her as quickly as I could and will go back on Tuesday to see what happens with one of the nice guys who don't climb right up and park their slimy selves right on your ass.

On another note I have come to discover that I don't live up to what some people want me to be. Sucks to be them huh.

Oh and how is this template working for everyone?

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