Thursday, October 20, 2005

never there when you need one...

Driving to work this morning I got stuck behind a line of 5 cars stuck behind some shmuck goin 25 in a 60 mph zone. As soon as we hit the straight stretch between Grove and Creswell I dropped it into first and gunned it to pass the slow poke and the other cars in front of me. Drove 80 the rest of the way to work.

Why do I bring this up? Because I would love to know where all the cops are when people drive WAY TOO SLOW?!?!

I could be going 5 miles an hour over the speed limit and I get pulled over, but these idiots drive unreasonably slow and cause tie ups constantly and no cops are to be found! WTF! That is ate up. I mean really!

On another note, does anyone know what kind of spider this is?

They are all over outside of the office. They are pretty big too, about the size of a quarter. I work with mainly woman and they were shreiking at me the whole time I was near them that it was gonna jump on me!

I am just curious if they are really bad spideys or not.

Anyway, miss me until later!


Storm Rider said...

It looks like (what I call) a barn spider. Usually they put webs up where insects are plentiful. They bite but nothing major, not like a wolf or black widow spider.
By the way , there are no brown recluse spiders on the west coast. Reason, we have an abundance of daddy long legs, and they eat the recluse.

Quixotic Cat said...

All spiders are bad!~just kidding

*bats at spider with paw*

. : A : . said...

No idea about the spider, but it certainly is a good capture.