Sunday, January 29, 2006

Put on a happy face!

It has been a weird few weeks for me. I haven't been too interested in doing some of the things I usually do. Kind of going through an "I am over all that" phase. But that never lasts and I always come back to who I really am.

Quick Summary:

Drunk and throwing up at the Silver Dollar club (strip club) Really big mixed drinks were involved...lots of them.

spending the night broke down in my car up in the snow only to walk about 15 miles down the hill the next day before we found a ride. (thanks nice couple in the mini-van that was very nice)

The inability to walk straight for the following week.

Losing 26 lbs in two weeks because food nauseated me.

and on-going venom spewing between my sister and I over a bunch of BS.

Yeah eventful.

Good news? I didn't wash away in any of the floods yet! Oh happy day!

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