Saturday, February 11, 2006

all the way from Korea!

Just posting my myspace addy:

Looks like I am going to a concert for my birthday, just me my mom and my 2 sisters. On Wednesday. Josh Gracin. I rooted for him on American Idol but he went home before the end. Oh well.

Not sure yet what I am doing when my birthday actually gets here. I have made several suggestions. Tha main one being a coast trip. Play in the sand. Maybe my friends (the ones that bought the shots and the lapdance) that have quads would wanna go. I wanna do something besides going to the bar and getting plowed. (Which I tend to do when I actually go to the bar).

Tomarrow I am gonna try and go get my hair did...Go back to the blonde chunks since they are bleeding through the dark color anyway. It is getting long again and I think I want to trim it again. Long or shoulder length? I can't decide but I need it to be different.

Car is still broken after the adventure on the mountain. We had to order a part all the way from Korea. Damn foriegn rigs....J/K ;) I like my car. But I am held up on getting it fixed while I wait for them to ship me a little $6.75 piece of plastic (that melted when he got impatient when we were stuck, and reamed the clutch and impatient! Meanwhile I was outside pushing the damn thing and getting ice, mud, and rocks kicked up on me.) Anyway no friends will be driving the car anymore. Just me, then when it breaks it is all my fault! Or when I wreck it which is more likely since I drive like a maniac.

Anyway look I posted twice in the same week! I am making a comeback! I so kick ass! ;)

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EveningStar said...

hahaha, yes! a comeback, aright!

I have the same hair probs.. except i wanna chop it but i promised myself i'd hold out through summer. Instead I cut it and put chunky layers in but i'm still ichin for a more drastic change!