Sunday, March 12, 2006

Catch up game

Well lets see, I had my birthday. It was a good one, no complaints at all. Another year older. Got some interesting presents, some of which take batteries. (thanks Sissy just wait until your batchelerette party ;) Otherwise it has mainly been work work and a little more work. Not much fun to be had when you are bustin your ass all day long and when your exhausted when you finally get home, not from the work itself but from the drama! Everytime it seems like we may finally squash all the dramatics more pop up. It's ridiculous really.

Then there was the weather. It has been pretty nasty lately, with windstorms and snow storms and COLD. It is still a little chilly but it is gorgeous out today. The sky is completely clear and you can almost believe Spring is just about here.

Now that I have my car back I might take advantage of the day and go for a drive....just not up in the mountains ;)

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