Saturday, July 07, 2012

Another wreck to add to the list...

If another wreck never touches my life I would still have been touched by too many. My niece was nearly killed the night before last and by the Grace of whoever was up there looking out for her she is still with us. She is going to have scars but she wasn't hurt too bad.
People do stupid things when they drink. I hate alcohol. Or at least I hate the people who let it poison their common sense, and in turn the people around them. Priorities get skewed and people get hurt and there is no excuse for risking a persons life, alcohol or no.
So glad she is still with us, and that no one was hurt. 7 people walked away from something that had the capacity to take all of their lives. Hope it provides the appropriate perspective to the appropriate people. Sadly, though, I truly doubt it will.

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