Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Can't I get a Rx for that?

Went to the doc today to get my prescriptions updated. Feels so odd to even be on them. Gonna be 35 in a couple months and until this last year have never been on any regular medications. Now I am on several. 2 for diabetes, 1 for blood pressure, 1 for my stomach. And yet, the one thing I want; something to help me sleep, gets shot down as unnecessary before I can even completely ask for it. I think true sleep is a necessary thing in every life. And the fact that I haven't had restful recuperative sleep in nearly a year is a problem. But apparently not.
Oh well I guess.
Wouldn't mind a happy pill either, but they don't really make those. Gotta get that wagon rolling on my own.
An inch at a time, I'll get there.
I hope...

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