Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So much is happening this year...

Haven't been by here in a while. Seems like several of my lasts posts start out that way. There is a lot and a little going on in my life right now. The so much part is that I am working towards a major surgery in June. It will change my life and health completely. Making huge changes in my lifestyle in the effort to see that to fruition. Taking a break from school too, while I prepare. That is where the little comes into the picture. With school not happening I have a lot of time on my hands. Maybe taking care of Pixie will help with that. But otherwise it leaves me with a lot of time for working out, reading, and writing, and working on the photography. So many goals fall into your head when you have time to think about things. A lot of change has already come to pass, a lot more is coming.

Their anniversaries are also just around the corner. Mom's, then Jay's. And Jay's is also my sobriety anniversary. A lot to reflect on I really believe I will be here more often.

2015 is a big year. Besides the surgery this summer. I will have 3 more great nephews/nieces. A lot to look forward too. Going to definitely try to focus on the positive.

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