Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Too Many Too Soon...

Our little town lost two more young boys today. Making 3 in less than a week. And so many more over the past couple of years. All gone far to young, and many from things that could have easily been avoided. Every since my near fatal wreck I can sometimes get a little preachy when it comes to safe driving. But the same road that stole my best friend away from me a year and a half ago just took two more lives. When I heard about todays accident I went straight back to that March morning and felt my heart clench up and tumble through the turbulence and emotional roller coaster I did that morning. Leaves you feeling ragged and a little less clear.

I am still angry for my losses and I honestly do not think I have completely accepted them. Reminders like this just set back the process of healing. I have accepted that I will never move on and heal completely, but I have tried to move forward carrying that scar. and moments like these just break down a little bit of the staircase I have been building inside me towards light again. But only a little. I can't let it drop me all the way back in the pit of un-tempered grief, or I would never try to climb again.

My heart is just torn for the families. I know what they are feeling. All to well. And it leaves you facing life with a scar that never heals all the way. For some it just bleeds now and again on the worst days, for some it is a steady sadness that never finds another way to be. And for some the wound festers and it drags you down with it. And it never leaves ANYONE unchanged.

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