Monday, September 05, 2011

Ultimatums are Bullsh!t!

The quickest way to piss me off is with an ultimatum! And top that off by telling me to drop someone from my life that means a lot to me and that I care about. Not gonna happen. And it will only lead to a fight. A fight that might not find a way towards a resolution. Bad idea all around.


Brokenornot said...

I'm sorry. I saw the argument a bit on FB. I think that you need to be able to love who you love no matter what, and that yes, he probably is with your mom, because those you love are supposed to be waiting for you. I think that they would want you to respect who they love too, and I hope that you do.

Jessica said...

Love you. Thank you for the support. This was even before that argument. This was when she wanted me to write his daughter out of my life, who I am very close to and have been even though we have had ups and downs.