Wednesday, December 07, 2005

you didn't wipe your what....

Ok so a guy came up to me while I was doing the office mail run. Just some random guy. Never saw him before, probably won't ever again. Guy just walks up to me and says,

"Dude, you know that feeling when you haven't wiped well enough? Yeah, that's
what I got."

WTF! First of all no I DON'T know that feeling, secondly hella overshare, thirdly I am a complete stranger, step away from the crackpipe!

I swear people say the strangest things to me. I must have one of those faces, one of those hey this chick really needs to know about the funk going on on my stanky ass face. ???

Ok um yeah so how was your day?

1 comment:

e said...

Oh my. Calling that an "overshare" is a bit of an understatment. I assume the guy was retarded, drunk, high, or all three. Sounds like a sweet place to work though.