Monday, December 05, 2005

A few pictures and stuff

Some Random shots from the past couple weeks:

Does this make me a bad pet parent? She looks soooo cute in her little jean jacket with the pink fur!
This definitely doesn't make me a bad pet owner, I am getting her into the Christmas Spirit, with a nice warm sweater and Santa hat.

My co-workers daughter brought her this cute little chocolate snowman that she had made in home ec. Anyway, the arm fell off and we being the pervs that we are though that relocating the appendage was funny. Thus the birth of Happy the Snowman!

Snowball excited to play. We were shooting photos for her flyer and she just wanted to run around. She is one hell of a cute pony. But she really does not like for you to put bows in her mane. Cruiser thinks I taste good. I don't think I would let him bite me so readily once he is all grown up but while he is still a little guy I will humor him.

Well I guess that is all for now blogger isn't letting me put anymore on right now.

Trying to get into the Christmas Spirit. Decorating and listening to all the jingles. LOVING the cold weather even though I have a scratchy throat. In the morning when Sissy and I are driving the backway to work you can't hardly see ten feet in front of us because of the fog that has made the Willamette valley its new home. They keep promising us snow but they are fibbers. :( I can't wait for the snow. I am just like a little kid when it comes to snow.

I have done a little of my Christmas shopping and even got a pretty good plan in place to get Christmas cards out this weekend. It just seems like it is all going too fast. Our house is like a big black hole in the neighborhood because everyone else has already decorated and we just have not had the time. And Jeez it is only the 5th, usually they don't all have their lights up by now. We have drug the 10 or so great big plastic totes out of the attic but have yet to crack them open and start swathing the house in Christmasy sparkle, maybe this weekend.

Anyway there was a mini update. More pics tomorrow. Till then find some mistletoe and git yerself some lovin!

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