Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Feeling a little better about school. Didn't realize I had taken two full term classes that are being squeezed into a single month. So the second and third month of the term I will only have to deal with one class. I am finding these classes very interesting too, just wish all the reading didn't kill my head. Stupid Palsy, I just wanna be normal again.

Been missing my Mom and my best friend a lot more than usual the past couple of weeks. I think its because I am gearing up for such a big change. Packing has stirred up a lot of memories, good and bad ones. But I regret none of them. Every road I have ever walked down, every bridge burned, every scar earned, every brilliant moment and every sparkling memory, all were worth it in the end...and I am still walking, carrying it all with me in every dark and bright recess of my heart...every step becoming more and more ME.

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