Monday, February 07, 2005

Good Movie & Musing

Kunaal, I watched Without A Paddle it hurt a little to laugh so hard but it was worth it. That movie was hilarious. I got it because I am a fan of all 3 of the lead actors (especially Mathew Lillard) and I most definately was not disappointed!

I found my muse again and have been working on my book. It is really like taking several deep breaths right in a row, sorta giddy feeling. Putting down words and creating this life out of my own mind. I choose when these characters eat, drink, breathe, and love and hate. It sometimes takes me away from the rest of what I do every day so I can spend more time adding layers to that world that I built. Of course it is very much the same world I live in except that in the world I have written I hold all the strings, heh heh, I spose I have a God complex huh?

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