Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Weekend Revisited

OK Friday's interview went well I think. I still don't know about the job yet but I still think I am in the running. It was at Home Health and the downside would be the commute but I would take it. After my interview I went and picked up my nieces and took them out to dinner with my mom and came home and crashed.

On Saturday I went and saw Hide and Seek . It was pretty good if a little slow at times.

Sunday My mom and I took three of my Nieces to see Boogeyman which I thought was OK right up until the end. I didn't care too much for the end but I liked watching Barry Watson for a couple hours. Then we shopped a while and let the girls ride the bumper cars a few times. Got some really good pictures of them hamming it up in one of the store windows.

Monday I was house cleaning and today I went for another interview. Lets hope I get one of them. Anyway I will post some of those pictures later on. For now I am gonna go catch up on reading my blogs. Thanks for all the well wishes! Oh and Happy Belated Heart Day!

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