Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just an Update

I have been so busy trying to find a job that I have been lax in reading my blogroll and posting to my own. That and been out and about with my nieces and mother. We went to the movies again yesterday and saw White Noises in the cheap seats. Now I know why they are called cheap seats. I think my ass still hurts. There was a gaggle of giggly smart aleck girls too so I was kinda distracted. But it was an OK movie, not exactly what I was expecting but there were a few really good jumpy spots. It reminded me though that Michael Keaten will always be the real Batman...oh and Mr. Mom. I liked Mr. Mom too.

Anyway the other 2 jobs didn't pan out because I need a job before they are available. So I put in about 15 applications/resumes in today. I better get one or I am gonna start thinking people don't like me so much. Heh not that I care about that too much.

I am thoroughly loving and hating this whole weightloss thing. Loving because some clothes fit better, I feel better, look better. Hating because all my good jeans and pants are too big and I am not one to work the suspenders (though my mother really had me and my sisters sport some HOT rainbow suspenders when we were kids....she'll never be forgiven for that one!) and lately even my favorite foods are not too appealing. But I will take the good with the bad in this case.

I am pretty thrilled that we have a new writing group in Grove again, the last one disbanded about a year ago. Nothing like having real human people sitting in front of you critiquing your work. We'll see if they know their stuff on Thursday. Welp I am off to read your blogs now TATA!

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