Thursday, November 24, 2005

For this I give Thanks

For the little things like being warm, having nieces and nephews to spoil and LAUGH with, and remember to store all my Christmas Card Addresses in my Palm Pilot last year so I won't have to search for them for HOURS like I did last year. For bigger things like a family that knows no end and who I can always count on. I am thankful for practical things like a job and a running car and the ability to meet my basic needs. And thankful for less than practical things like cheesy movies that somehow hold my interest even when I should have gone to bed hours ago. I am thankful for the things I love to do like taking pictures and having the blessing of an abundance of models who are happy to oblige. I am thankful for the people who really know me and still want to know me and who care about every little thing about me and who forgive my quirks and flaws and even embrace them. I am thankful for the simple freedoms I hold and for the men and woman like my father who have sacrificed so much to maintain those freedoms for all of us. I am thankful for the purring ball of fluff who is sitting on my shoulder while I type. I am thankful that I was not alone today and that I had people I care about with me. I am thankful for the brat of a sister who tormented me all day because I know she loves me even though she is a goober. And I am thankful for the other sister who did not torment me (even though she does sometimes) because I was too busy dealing with the other sister and she knows I can't keep up with both of them. I am thankful for a mother who can't be without us girls and who makes us each a vital part of her life. I am thankful for a father who has always sacrificed for his family and who drives me nuts everyday but cares enough to give us all that attention. I am thankful for the fact that both of my parents took the time to raise us girls to be respectful, loving , smart, and moral. I am most thankful to just be who I am. Cuz I kinda think she is a pretty decent person to be. And she is lucky, and she knows it.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Love, and all....


Wayne said...

Awe... So sweet :)

Happpy Gobble Gooobbble!

Quixotic Cat said...

What wonderful things!


Bret said...

Hey Jess Hope you thanksgiving went well. ~Bret~