Thursday, July 14, 2005

big weekend 'round thisaway

I have so much going on this weekend. It is such a good thing that tomarrow is payday. First of all it is employee double discount at work so I get 40 % off of everything all weekend. Spend spend spend. Of course I have to work a nine hour day before I can even start shopping. I have so many things I am looking to snag while I can get the really low price. Then there is Bohemia Mining Days here in Cottage Grove. Big ol' Carnival that takes over the whole town for a good 4-5 days. Then it is one of my sisters birthday and we will probably celebrate that. I only have Saturday off so I have to pack it all in in one and a half days!

My camera is broken again and it kills me not to have it in hand so I am ordering another one tomarrow after I get paid. I just can't live without it! I am only bummed that I can't get the quality of one I want because the price is just too much right now. Hopefully in a month or two I will be able to retire this one to one of my nieces and get the one I really want. OK so I have an early rise tomarrow so I better get to bed.

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