Sunday, July 31, 2005

things are getting a little shakey

I spent a little time out at the barn this weekend taking pictures of my sisters studs and mares. I couldn't help but share this picture of my little niece "grooming" one of the studs. Tuff just sat there and let her. He looked awful perdy when she was all done.
After I got the shots I needed for his adverts. I went home and felt ucky all day, still fealt ucky today so I called in sick. I think part of it is the heat. I don't do well with it. And then there is some termoil going on with my whole work situation that could be considered a blessing, but I am not really sure what is happening. My life is just all up in the air for a little while, hopefully things will settle down by next week. Here's to hope, right?

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