Wednesday, July 06, 2005

smells good

I love the smell of spent fireworks. But then again I like the smell of gasoline, so I am weird. I had a quiet fourth. I worked and got home late so I didn't really celebrate, just crawled in bed and tried to comfort a cat that thought the world was ending.

I have been very focused on work lately and it has paid off. Got the two promotions in the shortest time ever for the store and find it feels like I have been doing what I do there for years. I have only been with the company since mid-March and I am already second in command to acting management. I am proud of myself though it has taken a toll on me getting there. Stress wise in regards to worrying whether or not I could make it happen. It isn't in effect yet but it has been confirmed so I am able to relax, knowing I did enough and probably more than I had to. But it leads me to wonder just a bit if this is something I want to commit myself to. Does it make me happy and do I think I could devote myself to this field for many years. Something I am sure to ponder for quite a while.

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