Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Brechi's Blogger Meme

Ok so I am following Brechi's lead and doing his meme, in anticipation of an upcoming blogging anniversary.

Of the blogs you read,

1. What was the first blog you found ever saw/found?
My friend Kris's now defunct blog which is now re-incarnated with her new addition.

2. How did you find it?
She sent me the link.

3. What were the next few blogs you saw/found?
Groove , was number one, and then Brechi , JaG , Miss Macy , & Wayne

4. How many blogs do you read per day?
Well to be honest I don't get to do much on a daily basis right now because of my crappy schedule but there are a couple who I check no matter what.

5. Have you met a blogger in real life? Who? (You don't have to list them all if you're a blog whore.)
Kris is an old friend and of course my sissy .

6. Which very far-away bloggers do you think you would like to meet if you lived in the same city?
Well I have had some interesting conversations with Storm & Miss Macy I also think that Jessie and I would get along great.

7. Who is the most introspective blogger?
Hands down I think Iri fills that bill.

8. Who cracks you up?
Wayne is a hoot, his cartoons deserve a platform of their own!

9. Who is hot? (Or who do you think sounds hot if there is no picture?)
Ok Storm,has a voice that will melt frozen buttah. Brechi, has shown a couple pictures that let a girl drool. But really I find everyone on my blogroll attractive in one way or another.

10. Which blog is the latest on your link list? Or who did you just discover?
Each Day Counts he takes some great photos.

11. Who needs to update more often?
STORM AND MISS MACY! Oh and anymore-ME

12. Do you have a favorite entry? (Your own)
I think I like the posts were I just talk myself through whatever is bothering me at the time, the FAKE SUCKS post is a good example of that. Grammas Farewell is another that sticks with me.

13. What's your favorite song on the radio right now? (OK, that's not about blogging, but this is my meme -Brechi)
Fall Out Boy's Sugar, Were Going Down

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