Sunday, July 17, 2005

lobster face

Well I had a nice Saturday. Went Downtown to the Carnival and watched my niece in the parade. Ended up with a super sexy sunburn on my face. I look like I am permenately embarrassed. Yeah I know, how hot is that?!?! But it was a nice morning. To cool off we went and saw War of The Worlds

It was an OK movie, sort of anti-climactic I think, but no real complaints. Did some serious shopping on Friday and Saturday and even scored some nice additions to my shot glass collection. I LOVE that 40 % off thing!

Of course good things must come to an end and it surely did when I got to work today and we were SLAMMED! It's SUNDAY people, you know, the day of rest, go home and get the hell out of my store! ;) Though I am sure part of the reason we were so busy was because it was like a hundred degrees outside! That was the nice part of working; I am parked right under the AC vent. Now I am gonna go enjoy a cool bath and crack a new book.

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