Tuesday, June 28, 2005

howdy neighbors

I had today off. Spent a good part of it with the kids. I took them to the school playground and took pictures of them playing around and then we went to the river and played around there. Then I brought them back here to roll around in the grass with the dog. It was a really nice, slow, day. And tomarrow I get to go back to work. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. I am working on the fourth, which means time and a half. I asked if I could open so I could be home that night but I don't know yet.

I am kinda caught up in the middle at work. One of my managers talks freely to me about a co worker and said co worker asks me questions I don't know how to answer. I kind of try to just stay clear of the subject with both of them. Sometimes it is hard to avoid so I get stuck with head nodding and excuse I need to go help this customer now. I try to be that person that everyone is comfortable talking to and this is where it gets me. Damnit anyway!

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