Thursday, June 09, 2005

so theres a little lead in my foot...your point?

Dave Grohl is SEXAY! Anyone who can sing those words in that voice is words, just FINE!

I've got another confession to make
I'm your fool....

I'd also love making a little half Samoan baby with Mr. Johnson, he is just perdyful. Sigh. Ok tear my eyes away from the movie awards and type a real post...

So I got pulled over again and I sniffed a little and looked all sad like and I got out of the damn thing. Though to be honest I think my speedometer is wrong or off or whatever, because once again he said I was going faster than my speedometer said I was going. That aside it was like midnight and the only other person on the road was behind me hitting me with his highbeams, the cop should have pulled him over, not me. Did I use feminine wiles? No. I played the sympathy poor me card. Gotta problem with it? Too bad. I don't have two tickets in less than a week do I?

Side note: PEOPLE TURN OFF YOUR HIGHBEAMS WHEN YOU HAVE SOMEONE IN FRONT OF YOU! I am already half blind don't go making it worse!

Okay now I am gonna go write a couple pages of the book, I'm feeling the muse tickling me just behind the ear and I better stop ignoring or the bitch'll bite me.

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