Friday, June 24, 2005

incest is more interesting isn't it??? uh....yeah ok...

This is what I am using for wallpaper right now. How freaking yummy is that to look at while you compute???!?!?!?!! (thanks to Wayne for the middle picture!)

Thanks for the feedback on the previous post. I guess it would pique your interests a little better if I said they were brother and sister, huh. Yeah I know, ewwww. But it does give a little depth to the plot. The more I think about it I think I gave a bad scene to get critiqued. Lets try this one, if you don't mind:

Now he was trudging up the back staircase to the room he was told was his. He wished he had had the forethought to ask Maggie to prepare him a private bath before she tended Dalton. He was not too interested in slopping through the mud to and from the public bathing shed at this late hour. Nay he'd suffer through another night of dust caked skin. As tired and drunk as he was, he knew a little dirt would not torment his dreams.

He opened his chamber door to find Sabra staring back at him from across the room. Her hair was still wet from her bath, and she wore only her linen nightclothes.

She pointed to the tub in front of the fire and said, "The water is still warm if you wish to bathe."

"Why are you in my chamber?" He asked.

"Because it seems that when Dalton sent word ahead to his friend Duncan he wasn't very specific that your squire was to have a chamber of his own, and there are no rooms left to be had. You're stuck with me, and I am stuck with you."

"Aren't we a lucky pair then?"

"Where's your wench then?" she asked, her words dripping with sarcasm.

"She's probably doing a very fine dance in Dalton's lap right now."

"How very kind of you, to share with your kin, if she bears a bastard you can each blame it on the other."

"She shant bear my bastard since I didn't partake in her wares. And I'll mind you to keep your tongue behind your teeth, as your knight master I do have the right to beat some respect out of you." He growled.

"Do as you will, but I will not hold my tongue for any man, no matter his station over me." she screeched.

He quickly stalked across the room and took by the arm, dragging her to the bed where he sat and pulled her face down across his lap, his strong arms holding her as she squirmed about.

"How would you like it, covered or bare arsed?" he quietly asked.

She wiggled about furiously before realizing that brute strength wasn't going to overpower the big oaf, so she bit him on the leg, hard, and she didn't release him until she felt his grip on her loosen. Then she flipped her head back into his face, causing him to reel over backwards onto the bed while she landed on the floor squarely on her rump.

It took her less time to regain her senses then it took him and she sprang on him like a cat pouncing on unsuspecting prey. He caught her in mid air and through her back across the room while he proceeded to stand rubbing his forehead and his thigh where she had taken a chunk out of his flesh.

"You vicious little vixen!" he snarled at her smirking face and began to circle her; she copied his movements not allowing him close enough to grab her again.

"I'll not be beaten by someone who hasn't earned the right." she hissed, "I even make Eric catch me when he means to correct what he considers misbehavior. I'll make it no easier for you."

"You're over confident lass, I am a man and for all your trappings you are still just a wee girl, I'll catch you easily enough."

His taunting worked; she launched herself at him knocking the wind from his lungs and the smile from his face.

"Wee lass my arse!"

He caught her furious hands in his own then twisted her crossing her arms behind her back, immobilizing her. He leaned over her shoulder and whispered softly, "Caughtcha."

"Aye, you did and let me commend you on a strategy well played, but this wee lass is as wily as any man."

"Well you are stuck fast so I suppose you can't be all that clever." he said unsure why his words made her giggle as she suddenly was.

"Am I now?" she asked beginning to enjoy their bout. While she was speaking and holding his attention she deftly slipped her foot up behind his leg hooking it and dragging it from beneath him, a feat she only could accomplish if he was distracted. As he fell she crouched and stepped backwards underneath her pinned hands, then twisted as she stood again.

He still had a tight grip about her wrists, but she was now standing above him, a foot on either side of his torso, looking down into his startled eyes. After clutching his wrists as he did hers she said,

"Now it appears as if we have caught each other." He cocked his eyebrow and looked up at her warily, a half smile beginning to curl at the corner of his mouth. A look that almost looked smug to Sabra, a look she found annoying.

"I'm rather tired, squire, I forfeit I'll beat some sense into your dense skull tomorrow. Now, I order you to help my aching arse up from the floor so my bath isn't too cold to abide, I'll concoct a proper punishment whilst I bathe."

"If I wasn't so sure you are my fathers son I'd call you a bastard. For now I'll forgive ye called me just a wee lass and perform my duties as your squire, but know I won't forget you said it and know I'll make you recant it." She said before helping him to his feet.

"Oh aye, I'm sure you will, but I will always remember that I caught you, and I'm sure you'll never forget that either." He began to remove his tunic and started for the bath.

"What are you doing?" she asked turning her back to him.

"Bathing. I'm too drunk and tired to spar with you more. Though I must say it is rather amusing. Keep your back turned another moment." she didn't need to be told, instead of turning back after she heard splashing she walked over to the pallet underneath the window and crawled inside her bedroll.

When she woke the moon was still shining in through the open window. Ember was purring away inside the foot of her blanket, causing Sabra to roll over trying to get more comfortable. She was almost content with her position when she noticed that there was an arm hanging over the bathing tub.

She scrambled out of her blanket and rushed over to the tub fearing that the fool had drowned himself. She almost laughed out loud when she discovered he was alive well enough, only near frozen with cold.

She was a little surprised when she shook his arm to rouse him and he looked up at her softly, stood and kissed her.


Well what thoughts do you have about this one? I appreciate them all by the way. Thank you in advance.

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