Tuesday, June 07, 2005


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Wasn't todays double rainbow gorgeous?
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It rained a lot today but the sun was out too. I love sunshowers, they are so beautiful. Dark black skies etched with sun beams and lit up with colors that just seem so out of place in the air, so impossibly gorgeous. This is just another reason I am in love with Oregon.

I have some time later this week to really get caught up here, and yes my friends, you are important enough to make sure I get back to our little nieghborhood on the net, so please don't think I have ditched ya'll.

Sissy seems to think it is funny that I got a speeding ticket last week. Damnit I was only going 84 in a 65 zone. Of course I saw 79 on my speedometer so I think he was mistaken, but it gave me a nice $141.00 fine to pay. bleh! anyway back to regularly scheduled programming soon, I hope.

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