Sunday, June 19, 2005


I officially get my "promotion" on the 1st of the month. Which means a raise, benefits, accrued time off, sick pay, my birthday and anniversary off and paid, gauraunteed full time hours and an assured yearly raise. Downside? Well I will be working a lot of nights, but I do that a lot anyway so nothing new. I am being pushed for an addition promo by two of the managers and three of the front end supervisors to be added to the rank of Front End myself. So another raise may be on the horizon. What does that mean to me? A lot, less stressing over bills definately. More opportunity for advancement, because once you sell 'em on this one you climb the ladder fast. And thirdly, I get to throw my weight around a lot more. That is important when you work with a jack ass or two. Most of the people I work with are wonderful and I count many of them as friends now, but there are two or three who are just plain lazy. It will give me the authority to get 'em off their asses and back to work.

I have plans for those larger checks too. Besides just having more financial breathing room, I have a few purchase I have been waiting to make:

1. A Pro Flickr account. I am a newbie to the photo sharing network but I am already a flickr whore and use up all my bandwidth way before the month is out.
2. get a new car stereo and tires.
3. Fix the laptop.
4. Fix the DVDR.
5. New contacts and Prescription Sunglasses.
7. Eurolights for my car.
8. IPOD photoplayer
10. A better Cell because the one I have doesn't work for sh*t!

Ok I will limit my superficial wants to ten for now.

That is my news for now. Spent Fathers Day very quietly with my dad watching movies and lounging around. And now I better get back to it, gonna watch Oceans Twelve next I think........drool....Brad Pitt.

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