Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Cleanfest 04 has officially begun

Tis the holidays and it's time to get to cleaning. Gramma's coming to town so the house needs to sparkle! That and it will soon be time to decorate for Christmas so we need to make some room. So I have spent the day clearing the extra room/office of the copier and treadmill and my guitar and book after book of CD's to make room for the airbed. Then scrubbing the bathroom and bleaching all the porcelain. And now I am going through all my clothes, packing up the summer stuff and getting some other items ready for donation. It seems like I never have anything to wear but my room is overflowing with clothing. Going through clothes proves to be a pain in the ass when you have a cat that is fascinated by stacks of clothing. One day she is gonna end up taking a tumble in the dryer, cuz whenever she hears the dryer open up (it has a loud squeak) she makes a mad dash for it and jumps in to all the warm clothes.

I went outside to feed the hamsters again this morning and low and behold there is a little black squeaker in Puff's cage. I am pretty sure it is a mouse and Puff doesn't seem to worse for wear but I am gonna watch it carefully. So my Puff appears to have a girlfriend (or boyfriend I haven't gotten close enough to tell yet) hope he's having fun! ;)

I know I promised the raccoon story but I haven't had a chance to scan the pictures yet, I will try to get that done this evening. Gotta get back to the clothes for now. Ta~

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