Monday, November 08, 2004

Early Resolutions

K, so I am thinking ahead. Deciding now what my 2005 New Year's Resolutions will be. All the things I want to do to better my life. All the things that have always seemed to elude me in various degrees.

1. As always there is the get into better shape thing. Yup and it is always number one on the list too.

2. Then there is the thing that always graces number two on the list and that is to finish the book. I care not if I ever sell it or make a single cent off of it's completion, I just want to be able to say I did it and I did it well and it didn't suck too much.

3. Get Organized, With all the writing I do and what not my files are just in shambles, Books are scattered about and clothes are strewn, CD's and data disks lying about. It's a tidy type of clutter, but it isn't organized at all.

4. Cut my caffeine addiction by at least half. Half is something I think I might be able to do. Though at my neediest I can't stand to drink coffee.

5. Finish crotcheting the blanket I started for my dad.

6. Get Health insurance. That and somehow find the money to renew my contacts perscription.

7. Save up enough money to get the camera I want.

Those are my goals for 2005. Do I think I will make them? I hope so, but it is silly to make a relolution that you don not honestly think you have a shot at right? So I think I will do them, and if I do not suceed, well then I will always have 2006 to give it another shot, but by then these may not even be what I want for myself, so I won't think that far ahead

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