Wednesday, November 17, 2004

We really are very weird you see.

I am going to start my Christmas cards tonight. I think this is the earliest I have ever done it. I still probably won't get them mailed out in a timely way. I am terrible at that stuff.

I send a piece of writing with my cards each year. Some poem or letter celebrating the senses of awe and wonder that accompany the holidays. This year I haven't even thought of what I will write. But I thought I would post the more goofy one I did last year since I am starting to think that this years will be a sequel to last years. Note that this is dripping with inside jokes that make it funny if you are a part of the family, but probably make it sound all dorkish if you aren't.

Christmas At Our House

Dad's in the kitchen
Brewing up some food
alcohol has done it's part
to lighten up the mood

Mom's in her bedroom
wrapping presents on her bed
I'm snapping pictures
a camera strapped to my head

Lynn is sitting with Bert
whispering in his ear
wondering what's beneath the tree
and if there's a scavenger hunt to fear

Roberts being goofy
he's just a great big kid
he's always been in touch with
the little boy within

Erica's doing someones nails
While her children drive her mad
hollerin and yellin
telling them to go see their dad

Wades watchin TV
no other sounds can be heard
he's watchin Mr. Hankey
That jolly Christmas terd

Baby Danes doing a snazzy jig
with the musical Santa Claus
His mommas trying to figure out
how to make him pause

Rainas so happy
running to and fro
she just wants to show you
her micro pet Coco

Jordans attached to Brittnie
they love each other so
they won't leave each others side
until it's time to go

Kevins running rampant
his feet are just a blur
sometimes I wonder if that monkey
should have been born with fur

Ky's down with the horses
at the end of the road
Shea is tormenting Jordan
She sure knows how to goad

Aunt Evies giggling about something
she brought buckeyes to keep us fed
She knows that if she didn't
Jessica and wade would have her head

Grandmas in the rocking chair
quietly watching all the chaos
wondering if its about time
she decided not to claim us

We each make this time special
even though we may get loud
you haven't had a holiday
till you've had one at our house!

~Merry Christmas~

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