Sunday, November 21, 2004

lazy weekend

It has been a quiet weekend around here. Friday night I drove up to Eugene to pick up my nieces and we met my mom and went to a movie. We saw SAW , it was an ok movie but there were a couple times I wanted to put Cary Elwes out of his misery. He didn't cry very well. But it was otherwise a decent movie.

After the movie we split up the girls and one rode home with me and the other rode home with my mom. J picked riding with gramma cuz she drives a Z28 Camaro (way cooler than my sonota) and S picked riding with me cuz I let her listen to the music loud and let her pick the CD's and gramma just doesn't like punk music. So we go our seperate directions in the parking lot and poor S is cold so I give her the key and tell her she can run ahead and get in the car. Bad Idea. She gets lost and runs almost all the way out to the rode. I stop next to the car and ask her if she wants to maybe ride home in the car. She runs back giggling the whole way (she kinda has a dweeby little giggle) and says she forgot what my car looked like in the dark. That was entertaining.

Then Saturday was the Civil War game YYYAAAAAAAAYYY Beav's we won! 50-21 victory over the Ducks! That was essentially an all day event. My ears are sore from all the yelling though, my mom and sister can be very very loud.

Today was a day to vegitate. I still can't get the computer fixed, though I have tried and tried. I have gone through pictures and whatnot and found some things I forgot I had. Maybe tomarrow I will get some work done...nighty night.

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