Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Today I Was Productive

I got my write on. I got a total of six pieces ready for submissions and wrote five pages in the book and am still at it. My toes got cold so I had to take a break to look for my chenille socks. I love it when I just let go and write, I am amazed at how much I accomplish, when I stop thinking and just express without a plan or a direction.

I am afficially past 45,000 words in the book, and am hitting the part of the book I was most anxious to write. I thought I would post the tiniest of snippits here just to give you a taste of my other home.

The company rode on into dusk, coming onto the sea once again, and weaving amongst the cliffs that broke her waves. She stopped and watched the sun sink slowly, as if being doused by the water. In her moment of reflection she did not hear Raoul come up beside her.

"It's a thing of beauty isn't it?" he asked.

Sabra sighed, not looking up at his question, a faint smile touching the corners of her lips, "The sunset or the water?"

"The sunset, it's beautiful."

"Yes it is, but isn't it interesting that you chose the placid beauty of the setting sun over the fierce beauty of the angry ocean?" she answered still not facing him.

"Why do you think it's angry?" he asked watching her profile in the fading light.

"We are sisters. I understand her rage. She wants to break past these cliffs that cage her, but no matter how hard she crashes against them she can't break free and she just falls back into herself. Her pain is one I know." she told him.

"I think I'd be a fool to ever claim to know your heart. At every turn you surprise me again. I but wonder sometimes if you try to confuse me. I would never have thought to liken you to the sea, but I do see it. You are filled with rage."

She kept her eyes on the water still, but knew he had left her side because she was able to breathe again. She was never sure what he brought with him, but when he was near her the air felt heavier in her lungs. Sometimes so heavy she feared she might suffocate beneath it.

Turning to rejoin her companions she noticed that Raoul hadn't gone far, obviously waiting for her to follow. She obliged knowing that he'd make the entire company stop until she did and she meant to keep no man from a warm bed for the night.


Ok bear in mind that this is taking place in 1514 and that it is the roughest of drafts, me just zipping through a story I will flesh out later.

OK back I go while the muse is still whispering.

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