Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Miss Mesh of Stuffs to Say

Whew, I am not sure how in the heck I am able to look at this screen as I spent four hours today staring at my Aunts computer, rebuilding her corrupted registries, scratch that, trying to rebuild her registries and trying to get her modem to function correctly. I was successful, so now I do not have to go back and try some more. Now I just have to go back for the tutoring, which I tend to enjoy much more. Going to my Aunt's also means I have to drive to Rice Hill and back which is a beautiful drive this time of year. Everything is all orange and red and yellow, the wild Turkeys and the horses and cattle and sheep. Just really pretty.

I applied for another job today, cross your fingers for me, I need the help, I am going insane not working!

I also found out the Unemployment took my side and said that the stooooopid evilllll ex employers are wrong and I get my benefits......So HAHAHAHAHAHA In your face you scangy bastards! I wiinnnnnn Kiss my boooootay. Wait don't kiss my boootaaay you might give me coootie bugs!

OK well I am beat so until tomorrow!

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