Sunday, November 14, 2004

So Happy!

I am sitting here at my OWN computer! I am not sure what I finally did to fix my problem, (though I think it may have been all the "PLEASE GOD PLEASE"'s) I tried everything I knew to try and then I left to babysit for my sister and when I got back, voila, it worked! I was near the breaking point were I was ready to throw the damn thing out the window. So now I am back online and ready to get back all of my other programs and files, though this time I will be backing things up every chance I get. But at this point my back up method is emailing things to myself and using the other computer to back up onto floppy's. But first I need to try and recover as much as I can of what I lost.

I went and saw the Grudge and I enjoyed it, though not as much as I had hoped to, but I did like it. the Ring was better but, the grudge was more shocking. Anyhoo, I am beat from thinking so damn hard about fixing this possesed machine so I will save the story about taking the nieces on a driving lesson tonight, for tomarrow, besides I need the time to recover from my life flashing before my eyes. ;) Night!

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