Monday, August 30, 2004

BIG BIG Questions of Opinion

Can’t remember who’s blog I found this on so I can’t give them credit, sorry.

The idea is to give your stance on some pretty big topics. Here are my responses:

Abortion: Is murder. Simply put. If it is growing it is alive. It has always baffled me how most of the people who are willing to abort their babies (or support someone else’s desire to abort) freak out if you cut down a tree or kill an animal for food. At least if you are logging or hunting, you are fulfilling a purpose to help yourself survive. By aborting your child, you are simply killing your child. I believe everyone has the right to choose. They have the right to choose to keep their legs closed. They have the right to choose to use birth control. If they are raped I feel like they have the right to choose adoption. I do not think anyone should be awarded the right to murder. How have we as a society placed a higher value on the lives of animals than our own children?

Besides it seems selfish, knowing how many couples out there are desperate for a child of their own.

As firmly as I am against abortion, I do not judge individuals. That is not my job. Someone a whole lot more powerful than me will judge.

Prostitution: If he’s willing to pay and you’re willing to lay, go right ahead. More power to ya, just hope you cover his dick so ya don’t get sick.

Alcohol: Bottoms up. Just don’t drive.

Marijuana: If you wanna view life through a haze of munchies and stinky smoke have at it. But don’t try to push it on me.

Other Drugs: pretty much the same as above, but I feel if you are hurting those around you, to simply get high, you are pretty worthless.

Gay Marriage:
Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. This is unchangeable in my mind. But MY mind is not the only mind out there. I have nothing personally against Gay people. I was raised in a home and religion that told me it was not ok. I grew up and made the decision that though it was still not OK for me, didn't mean that it wasn't for other people. So if someone wants to get married or to enter a "union" that's their business, not mine.

Illegal immigrants: That is just it, they are illegal. I understand the desire to come to a wonderful country like the United States, but if we open our doors to everyone who wants to be here,

1) we lose our identity. We already have to press one for English, I mean come on.
2) Our economy crashes
3) We become a minority in our own country

If you want to move here, do it the right way. Checks and balances are in place for a reason. If we let our country be overrun because of empathy and sympathy, we lose all ability to change it in the future.

Smoking: I don’t like it but hey they aren’t my lungs are they

Drunk driving: it’s illegal as it should be.

Cloning: you can’t skip the middle man when it comes to reproduction. Besides individuality is a pretty kick ass thing.

Racism: it goes both ways. I am white and am pre judged all of the time. “Whitey” isn’t the only one who doesn’t always appreciate other races. But that is never brought up is it. I have no problems with other races and cultures, but I have known many who have issues with me. I just think it is important to realize it can be a two way street.

Premarital sex: to each their own

Religion: ditto, I have my faith you have yours. Respect mine and I’ll respect yours.

The War in Iraq: Justifiable. If I were living under a tyrant I would hope someone recognized my need and came in to bring said tyrant down. As far as our men and women in the armed services: Well hell, last I knew we had not instated a draft. They enlisted of their own free will. If they want out now just because we are at war well too bad for them, they should have considered this before they signed up. Sounds callous I know but if you only signed up for the pay, you were only trying to jip my country.

I support our troops and believe they are the bravest of all of us and would be the first to thank them for their service to this country.

Is my President. I voted for him last time and I will vote for him this time. I want a President with a backbone. Who will defend us if we elect Kerry? No one will. President Bush is dedicated to eradicating terrorism. That is the issue that should come first and foremost. Because all other domestic issues won’t mean jack shit if we are overrun by terror.

Bush has conviction. Kerry flip flops all over the place from day to day he shifts his support on every issue.

Downloading music: I do it all the time. I don’t think it hurts anyone. Because if I like the music enough I go out and buy the CD anyway.

Legal Drinking Age:
Eighteen. If you can be sent off to war at 18, you should be able to have a beer before you leave. But at the same time I don’t know how many 18 year olds are wise enough to use alcohol properly. Heck I am 25 and I am not sure if I do.

Porn: If you are over 18, why not maybe you’ll get some pointers.

Suicide: It’s a cop-out. It doesn’t take a strong person to kill themselves. It takes a strong person to go on living when things get rough. And it is a terrible thing to do to those you leave behind.
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So does anybody still like me? Oh come on I still like you!

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