Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I Want a 3 Week Christmas Break Too

My mom is a BeeeOtch! She got the new Tim McGraw before me! What a HoSephina! Oh well I guess that means I get it for free since I will steal it long enough to burn it!!! Ha Ha Ha, but I digress.

Sometimes I am not sure if I am coming or going. Or which I prefer. I wonder if I am the only one who gets frustrated as much as I do. B/c How can anyone find this much drama in every day life and not eventually find a better way to live. I think it would be even worse to find out I was normal though, b/c I want to know that my suffering is unique. Yes, I am selfish.

So my co-worker gets to take a 3 week vacation at the height of our busiest season. This wouldn't bother most people who do not work where I work. However, my work is a little different:

1. We have always been told we pretty much cannot take time off during the holidays. Since we are a food pantry and all there is a lot more need during the winter, plus we do Christmas boxes in addition to regular services, so we get SWAMPED at that time of year. So why does she get to take time off when we others do not? How is that OK?

2. We have also always been told that to even ask for 2 weeks off at once was frowned upon and rarely given, let alone 3 weeks straight. Shit I could have taken 4 weeks earlier this year if I would have known that. I am lucky to get approved for a solid week at a time. So why does she?

3. When I am gone nobody covers for me. I get to come back to a heaping stack of crap on my desk and get the luxury of doing it all myself. When she is gone I will have to cover for her, because she is an intake worker and she sees the walk-ins. So her job can't go undone for even a day. Well guess who has to fill her shoes? And do my own job which includes my own much more detailed program of services, data entry of services, volunteer coordinator, and covering reception when the receptionist is out. PLUS tinkering with computers whenever they opt to go kaput. Sis helps with the computers and will more than likely get stuck helping with the intakes but why should our work fall behind to cover hers?

This just seems a bit like twisted torture to me. I love my job. It is close to home, I get to do something I am good at. I help people who need help. All sorts of wonderful things. But it just seems like I am always backpeddling everytime I get a step or two ahead.

I just wish it could be a little less lopsided.



d.x. said...

this blog is intense.

miss macy said...

I am really digging your site. There's so much to see and do...keep up the good work!

Sheilah said...

Oh my how I know that feeling!

Thanks for stopping by my site tonight....I'm enjoying checking yours out too! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sucks. So, you going to be able to visit when I come to town, or what? :)