Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Pissy...Proud....Hot....& Nostalgic

I am irritated. No I am more than irritated. I am frustrated. No that's not right either. I am irritated, frusterated, and FLAMIN' PISSED. How is it that my webhost thinks that it is NOT highway robbery to try and charge me $150 to renew my domain name insted of the $25 it is supposed to cost, when it was their mistake that made the name go into a hold. Errrrrrrg! So I will wait the bastards out snd in 2 weeks get what I want for only $9.95. Haa Haa on their funky butts!!!!

With the bad comes the good, however, and the upside is I have lots of time to spiff up the page before I re-launch. You know add all the sparkles and shine. Plus I launched this blog. First just for shits and giggles, but now I think I will like this better than the diary I have on my webpage.

You should be jealous of me. I live in an "All-American City." That makes me special doesn't it? I mean doesn't everyone and their Uncle Bubba want to live in Cottage Grove, OR? I suppose it is nice, I really do love this city, but I guess I wonder who sets the standards and who defines American?

I am ready to be done with the hot. I mean I am an Oregonian, I worship rain and clouds, they are my God! This 90+ degree weather just kills me. Urrrgg, I want to find a way to invent outdoor air conditioning, that would be perdy snazzay if you ask me!

Got found by an old friend on the internet the other day. Makes me think about looking for a couple of other people myself. Chatting with her takes me way back. Back to before all of the depressing years. Back when I was a loudmouthed kid, who didn't really know what the term "life sucks" meant. Back to before I cared too much about what other people thought. Just back. I like it. We will get close again I am sure, we have a good start under our belts already.

Welp, gotta snuggle my kitty and do some homework before bed. Then I have to go to work in the morning.....Uck! Ta~

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Banilla's Honey said...

Don't you mean her snuggle with you weather you want too or not????? But you gotta admit she isn't no piddle pup!!!!!!!!!! Haa Haa i have the piddler.