Thursday, August 19, 2004

Missing Mommy...Give Me $...Kitty

Mommy I am ready for you to come home from Utah. I miss you!

I am debating asking my boss for a raise. I was promised one last September and told I would receive it at my review in February. February rolled around and I got a glowing review, but was told it was just impossible right now. However, I would definitely get more hours when we move into our new building. We moved into the new building and...Yup you guessed it...No new hours. At what point should I stop accepting promises? I dunno.

Then my sister lost her server access which barred her from the internet and the accounting system. (Did I mention I work with my sister?) So she was getting upset, so I decided not to ask anything today of the bosslady.

I work at a non-profit. We provide services and food boxes to low-income families. So I have no delusions that we are able to pay enormous salaries. But to give promises to your employees and not keep them, well I think that is wrong. Especially when said employee goes out and buys a car and bases her payments on the promise of that raise. I guess that's what I get for counting my chickens before they're hatched.

Oh well. I guess you can't change it if it isn't meant to be. You just have to smile, while the world around you just goes on sucking.


I got up to answer the phone and my cat opted to type a little, so I thought I would leave it, you know her own little voice on the net. She is very opinionated you know. She bitches me out all of the time. You know like how dare you roll over in your sleep and make me fall off of you. Or damn woman would you open up a can of Friskees already! Or let me in the F*$&@*# house, my paws are hot. Oh and here is my favorite: Do you really expect me to drink that water with no ice in it? (as her tail wags sheepishly), But her most common rant is: For the love of God would somebody scratch my ear!

Hee Hee she is just a great big bag of personality.

Ta~ J

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