Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I am just so damn smart

I am, if only for a moment, quite happy. I just took an exam that I was dreading to take. I had been procrastinating on reading the material, so I finally just said screw it and answered all of the questions on gut instinct(well and some self taught know how) and I missed only one question. How blissfully wonderful. I got away without doing my homework. I just love feeling like I shirked someone. Even if I am the only someone I shirked.

Downside is now I have to write a 10 page piece on the oh so generic "something that interests me." That irritates me. If you are being paid to teach me, I want you to tell me what to write about, so I don't have to think about it. I am lazy damnit! Hand me everything. So I think I will write about how much I like specific parameters in homework assignments. That'll teach 'em!

Weirdest thing just happened. I am sitting at my desk at work, typing this, and pause to make a phone call to Sis who went home with the ickies. (Hope you get better soon Sis, I hate suffering down here alone) Anyway I asked if she happened to have an umberella in her office and she wondered why. I said "Gee look outside it's like a monsoon out there." She asked if I sniffed glue after she left. (I think to myself whoa how did she know? (JK) ) It wasn't raining even a little over there. What makes it odd is:

1. We live in Oregon, if it rains anywhere it rains everywhere.

2. She is like a mile away even less than that as a crow flies.

Weird. Anyway now it is sunny and sparkly outside. I better go find a puddle to play in.



Anonymous said...

It's been raining here too. By the way, go to my site, please!! It says I haven't had any visits since 230, but I don't believe that. And yes, I'm begging. I'm feeling neglected.


Smiley said...

It rained in front of my house yesterday but it was sunny in the back. And I have a small house.
It was pretty weird. I was starting to think that there was something in the water.
Sounds like your teacher was a philosophy major.