Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bored.....A Lot.

Anyone who wants to is welcome to buy me THESE You can send them to P.O. Box 1180, Cottage Grove, OR 97424. I will be waiting and so will my feet. I tried them out at the mall and they are excellent, but I be broke, so they are officially wishlisted, sigh!

Yesterday was a real pisser. I had a nice blow up at my bank and they ended up screwing me twelve ways from Sunday. Bastards tried to overdraft me by some $1800.00. Then when I called them on their Bullsh*t the bank manager tried to talk down to me like I was some little two year old that was begging to be patronized. Crusty Old Cow! So today I had to go and open a new account in Eugene. They gave me luggage for opening an account there. Nice Perk.

I went over and got my niece to help me wash my car and we stopped by the river and took some pictures on the way to my place. When I am done here I will post them over on my photoblog. A couple cute ones of her and several of a little NUTRIA that was playing around by the geese. So do go by and check out the new pictures.

Right now I am bored wittless. So bored that I am actually watching a movie called Mansquito , yes sad and pathetic I know. I suppose I will go post those pictures and then paint my toes a nice bright shade of blue. Bubye!

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