Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Infomercials Suck

Well I am off to work. The 2:30-11:30 shift. So I won't be home until late. I have decided that I am irritated about working nights MOSTLY because I miss my shows. How pathetic is that? When I get home there is nothing on but infomercials I have seen a thousand times. I can't program to record because I don't have autotune on my reciever. Blah! I guess I have to settle for seeing movies at night. Because there is no way I can go straight to bed when I get home at night, I have to take a couple hours to wind down. But there is that infomercial for the Bullet or whatever it is called. I want one of those. It appears to be a handy little gadget. But over all infomercials are pretty much evil. They convince unsuspecting insomniacs to purchase junk they never would have wanted and will probably never use. Case in point: the huge juicer in my bottom cupboard. Ta fer now, I am off to bust my bootay at work.

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